Items for hair beauty on a Topolino
The company was born in 1953, when Enrico Sabbioni and his wife LoredanaPagani took up the activity of hawker, selling professional items for barbers, hairdressers and estheticians.
They reached their clients' houses - in the districts of Ravenna and Forlì - travelling on a Fiat 1100 and on an old Topolino, totally set up by Mr Sabbioni with drawers and compartments to order and show hairbrushes, haircurlers and other products.
The first perfumery
The activity developed quickly, thanks to the passion and care that Enrico and Loredana dedicated to their job.
In 1957 they opened their first shop in Ravenna, in Via Cerchio.
The following year they moved it to Via Guidone, where the activity was run by Loredana until 1990, firstly under the name of "Profumeria La Rosa", then as "Profumerie Sabbioni" - brand that since than identifies all the stores of the company.
Their daughter Maria Rosa Sabbioni started to help her mum in all the activities of the perfumery when she was still very young. In the meantime she was attending a course in order to gain knowledges in the field of cosmetics.
The biggest perfumery in Ravenna
In 1972 Enrico Sabbioni decided to construct the building that would become the administrative centre of all the company in the following years. This was built in Via Faentina, that at that time was in the suburbs of the town, but now is one of the main streets of our city.
The "Profumeria Sabbioni" of Via Faentina widened during the years, up to the restructuring that happened in 2000. In that occasion, the spaces were reinterpreted taking inspiration by the most updated architectonical standards of a perfumery.
Next to the warehouse and to the offices of the company, the store takes up 600 square meters, with a sector dedicated to professionals and to the wholesale, a space for the free service, and an area for the assisted selling of cosmetics and make-up products.
The "Profumerie Sabbioni" in all the territory of Romagna
In 1981, Loredana and Enrico's son - Maurizio - got into the company. He had just finished school, so he was fresh and filled with enthusiasm.
Together with his sister, he decided to trend towards the selective perfumery (which had to be sold at the retail) and he chose to sell more qualified brand-names of make-up and cosmetics, keeping, though, the sale division of the professional items.
In a few years he renovated the company: he decided to computerize it and to open new stores, following the development lines of the town and expanding the notoriety of the name "Sabbioni" in Romagna.
During the following twenty years the company got bigger, opening 16 stores all over the area of Romagna, from important cities to small towns, from historical centres to shopping centers, from touristic places on the sea to new types of outlet, but with just one aim: that to offer the best service possible to clients in terms of quality, professionalism and kindness.
The future of the perfumery
Dynamic and alert to the changes in the market, the company is always ready to renovate in order to maintain its competitiveness, so who knows what the news might be in the future...